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More About Me...

I'm a Licensed Social Worker (Psychiatric), Certified Neuroscience Coach, and Founder of You Matter Coaching.
As a Social Worker myself, I understand what it feels like to work day and night, compassionately counseling clients through life trials, only to find your own cup empty.
That's why I use my Experience and Neuroscience Expertise to create powerful brain based resources and programs just for you.
 My Mission is to Positively Impact 100,000 Social Workers (or more)!!!

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5 Steps To Refuel

Learn the 5 steps that will help you refuel your mind, body, and heart so that you can serve from the best version of yourself!

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Don't let burnout sneak up on you! Get an idea of your overall mental wellbeing, particularly around burnout.  There is power in knowing

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Conquer Social Work Burnout Calendar - 2021

12 Months of Powerful Brain Based  Knowledge and Quick Tips to Help You Reduce Your Burnout 

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